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HDTV Distribution

Multi-Room Video

SmartTVMost HDTV distribution solutions enable you to select, watch and control all your media devices (e.g. SkyHD, DVD etc.) on every HDTV throughout your home, not just the main set. Everyone can enjoy their choice of entertainment in different rooms at the same time.


cupboard-Hide away your clutter

Get rid of all those messy cables, boxes and TV furniture from your viewing area and hide them away.

With a suitable HDTV distribution system from Ashway, you can relocate your source equipment (such as SkyHD, DVD etc.) to a more appropriate location (e.g. an under-stair cupboard).

A special HDTV receiver box (known as a BALUN) is all you need at every TV location. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand it’s easily hidden it behind the TV.


bskybAll your devices & subscriptions on every TV

Our HDTV distribution solutions will maximise the value and unlock the true potential of all your home entertainment devices and subscriptions. Enabling you to enjoy every set-top box, channel, Blu-ray, video or music downloads on every HDTV in your home, without sacrificing remote control or loosing a single pixel of picture quality.


HTDV-LEDBest quality picture & sound

Ashway offer a range of HDTV distribution solutions to ensure you get the best possible picture on ALL of the HDTVs throughout your home, with uncompressed full HD 1080p video and audio, in pixel-perfect original quality, just as the director intended.

Most of our HDTV distribution solutions are also 3DTV compatible too.


HDMIA great way to free up valuable room space by locating equipment away from the TV (e.g. an under stairs cupboard)

This solution is ideal for connecting a single HDTV source device to a TV screen up to 100 meters away using cost effective Cat5 cabling.

HDTV Point to Point Connection Diagram

HDTV Point to Point Connection Diagram

The thickness and price of HDMI cables often makes them difficult to work with in long distance situations. ‘Point to Point’ HDMI over Cat5/6 kits are an easier and often, more cost effective solution – using up to 2 x runs of inexpensive network cabling to transmit HDMI 1080p + IR (optional) up to 50m, or 1080i 100m without any quality loss. HDMI 1.4 video features, including 3D and full HD 1080p are often fully supported. HDMI video and audio quality is identical to using a direct HDMI cable – the conversion is fully digital and totally lossless.

The kit comprises of a Transmitter (TX) and Receiver (RX) sometimes referred to as ‘baluns’. The TX transmits HDMI over the Cat cables to the RX located at the HDTV.

Note:- Ashway recommends using good quality (solid, not stranded ‘patch’) Cat6 cabling for best performance – Sometimes referred to as HNC-Pro+. Cat5e cabling can be used, but the achievable transmission distances will be reduced by at least 20%. 


A cost effective way to connect Sky+HD to every HDTV in the house

Similar to ‘Point to Point’ but transmits the same ‘single’ source to multiple TVs at the same time.

HDTV Point to Multi-Point Connection Diagram

HDTV Point to Multi-Point Connection Diagram

Typically available in either 1×4 or 1×8 formats, a ‘Point to Multi-Point’ kit will convert and duplicate the HDMI signal from a single device (e.g. Sky+HD box) so that it can be simultaneously transmitted to a multiple of TVs (along compatible Cat5e/6 cable) without losing any definition. At each of the display ends, a receiver ‘balun’ converts the signal back to HDMI for connection to the display. The HDMI transmission remains totally uncompressed so pixel-for-pixel, it is exactly the same as using a direct HDMI cable as there is zero loss of quality.

An ideal upgrade to traditional RF distribution that does NOT require long runs of expensive AV cable. 

Truely, the best way to Watch and Share HDTV around the home.


With each TV screen able to select different source devices at the same time, this really is the ultimate in HDTV distribution

A range of HDTB (HDMI) Matrix solutions enabling the simple connection of multiple HD sources (e.g. Sky+HD/BluRay/PS3 etc.) to a multiple of HDTVs. Users are finally able to realise the full potential of ‘whole house’ HD distribution for every TV location throughout the home.

HDTV Multi-Point to Multi-Point Connection Diagram

HDTV Multi-Point to Multi-Point Connection Diagram

Our bespoke solutions convert the HDMI signal so that it can be transmitted along either High Grade Cat5e or Cat6 cable (HNC-Pro/HNC-Pro+) up to 100m, without losing any definition. At the HDTV, a Receiver (RX) converts the Cat5e/6 cable back to HDMI for connection to the TV. The HDMI transmission remains totally uncompressed, so pixel-for-pixel, it is exactly the same as using a direct HDMI cable – there is zero loss of quality.

Combined with a universal control system such as Control4, this technology truly is the definitive word in home entertainment and ease of use. 


From Bars and Restaurants to Car Showrooms and beyond, our bespoke Commercial HDTV solutions offer the very best in High Definition picture distribution to multiple screens at a variety of distances.

Whether you are looking to advertise, show promotions, run videos or distribute anything else (e.g.SkyHD) across single or multiple displays, then we can help.

Examples of our Commercial HD solutions include:-

  • Bars & Pubs
  • Retail Outlets & Showrooms
  • Office Buildings / Meeting Rooms
  • Museums
  • Reception Areas
  • Gyms
  • Classrooms

Our solutions are can support all available HD formats with visually lossless pictures across screens and side by side 3D support, such as that broadcast by Sky 3D.

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